hello, my name’s emily

& I’m a researcher. My work focuses on how people learn about and engage with science, with an emphasis on equity and social justice.


I’ve tried to put up as much free stuff from my work as I can in this space. You can download my research papers , my book chapters and my talk slides and/or notes, as well as find out more about the projects I work on. You can also find out about my book “Equity, Exclusion & Everyday Science Learning: The Experiences of Minoritised Groups”.

If you are an informal science learning person & want more resources, check out the ecsite support group, Diversci.eu. You couldn’t wish for a more supportive community! We also have a lot of FREE stuff you can use from the YESTEM collaboration, download to your hearts content. AND there’s a FREE online UCL future learn course about how to use the equity compass (with huge thanks to the wonderful Dr. Spela Godec for getting this to happen) if that’s your sort of thing.

work stuff

My research and teaching explore how practices across science communication, education and engagement (i.e. from schools, to museums, to watching TV at home) set certain kinds of people up to feel comfortable when they engage with science, while other people are set up to feel profoundly excluded. I try to figure out how that happens with a view to reimagining what meaningfully inclusive & transformative practices might involve.

You can get the whole book from my publisher, Routledge & from Sept. 2020 it is available in paperback too. All my book related resources are online here (except the stickers!), which means a FREE chapter & a FREE zine you can download, and a link to a podcast you can listen to. For stickers & a printed zine you’ll have to come to a talk.

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Science & Technology Studies at University College London in the UK. Below are some more “official” websites & my contact details.

Image of emily talking with a microphone at a conference